Dental Braces in Fort McMurray

Ask about the options you have concerning braces at our dental office in Fort McMurray. We offer braces that are miniaturized and reduce the amount of irritation to your lips and cheeks. Their reduced size allows for patients to maintain good oral hygiene because they are easier to clean. We also offer clear brackets as an alternative method for braces.

All dental services performed by a general dentist.

Steps To Getting Your Braces

Step 1. First Consultation

Come see Dr. Tran and his assistants for a consultation to see which option will work best for you.

Step 2. Ortho Records Appointment

In order to make a treatment plan and to predetermine your braces to your insurance company, we need a little more information. The second appointment is your Ortho Records appointment. We will do pictures, X-rays, and a 3D scan of your teeth for Dr. Tran.

Step 3. Second Consultation

The last appointment before your braces are placed is your Second Consultation when we will go over the financial aspects of your braces. We will be able to answer all your questions and get you booked in to start your braces!

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