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Dental Checkups in Fort McMurray

There are a number of reasons why you should consider regularly going to a dentist in addition to your everyday flossing and brushing. Understanding what you should expect from a dental checkup in Fort McMurray and the benefits of  going for regularly scheduled dental checkups is important.

You should be brushing and flossing regularly in order to maintain your oral health but another essential element of oral health also involves going for a dental checkup at least once every six months. Following dental recommendations for dental checkups more frequently or less frequently is important to maintaining your current oral health. Dentists may often recommend coming in more frequently depending on your past history.

In order to prepare for a dental checkup you should consider some of the following:

Advise your dentist about various health problems that you may have experienced since your last visit. A diagnosis for diabetes or heart disease could point to other changes with oral health.

Speak your dentist if you are uncomfortable or you regularly experienced dental anxiety as this is a fairly common fear and a dentist can take measures to improve your comfort over the checkup.

Let your dentist know about any problems you’ve noticed with your oral health, sensitivity, pain or even new lumps you may have discovered inside of your mouth. If you can point your dentist in the right direction they can often detect and diagnose a potential problem much faster.

What to expect during your dental checkup?

At the beginning of a dental checkup you will likely speak to both the hygienist as well is a dentist who will go through your past dental history and perform a check up on where your oral health is currently. Most of these checkups typically involve:

An Examination

The examination will check out your gums, your teeth and your mouth to look for various signs of problems as well as changes based off of your last results. This includes screening for oral cancer, checking into the health and well-being of your teeth and gums as well as probing to measure in the pocket between your teeth and gums for plaque in a variety of other issues. Dentists can recommend a number of different treatments based off the results that they see and they also have professional tools that allow them to take a much closer look at your mouth to detect problems that generally remain unseen. In some cases a dentist may also recommend that you go and see a specialist after examination. This can sometimes mean going to see an orthodontist or periodontist.


With some dental checkups a doctor may want to take x-rays to look closer for signs of gum disease, tooth decay and more. X-rays don’t  happen ever visit but a dentist may take a series of x-rays especially if you are starting a brand-new office or it is been a long time since you teeth have been completely examined. Dentists and hygienists will often go through the x-rays with you to point out signs for concern and showcase how your oral health is changing.

Cleaning and Polishing

One of the last parts to any dental exam is the process of cleaning and polishing which is done with the use of special instruments. In some cases cleaning and polishing takes place using ultrasonic dental equipment as well as a hand scaler to remove tartar and stuck on stains from the teeth. Removing plaque and stains professionally is one of the only ways that you can maintain your quality oral health over time.


Dental hygienist or your dentist can provide you with tips on how to improve your brushing and flossing techniques, products you might want to try as well as how you should consider looking after your oral health in the future.

All dental services performed by a general dentist.

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