Dental Hygiene

Dental Hygiene

Dental Hygiene in Fort McMurray

Having healthy teeth and gums is an ongoing process, and it’s important to visit your dentist for regular checkups to maintain your dental hygiene in Fort McMurray. Count on the dentists at Fort McMurray Dental to provide you with professional, attentive care, including:

  • Regular dental checkups and cleaning
  • Your child’s first visit
  • MI Paste treatments
  • Periodontal disease treatments
  • Gingivitis treatments

Dental exams and dental cleaning are something that is required at regular intervals for patients. Many people feel as though brushing, floshing and at-home whitening kits and cleaning can often be a good substitute for scheduled dental exams but Fort McMurray Dental recommends a comprehensive dental exam performed by a dentist and hygienist.

There’s no need to be nervous about an dental examination or dental cleaning especially if you know about exactly what’s going to happen while you are in the office. The goal of any dentist and hygienist is to create the most comfortable experience possible for every patient and to help them enjoy the benefits of keeping good oral health.  Contact Fort McMurray Dental to take care of your dental hygiene in Fort McMurray.

What happens during dental cleaning?

Dental cleaning is usually performed by a registered dental hygienist. This part of any appointment usually takes place at the end of your dental exam and this professional cleaning is an excellent way that you can help to improve your oral health regularly as well as get professional whitening services.

During every dental cleaning appointment patients will experience some of the following:

Removal of hardened plaque:

Calculus is the more scientific name for plaque that can be left on teeth over a long period of time that can find itself permanently attached to the surface of teeth. Different forms of this hard plaque can often be removed using special dental instruments.

Plaque removal:

Plaque is often the sticky and nearly invisible film that clings to teeth. It harbors a variety of bacteria, saliva and food debris and it can often cause a bacteria that can inflame gums and start the process of periodontal disease.

Polishing teeth:

Your dental cleaning can provide professional tooth polishing with the option for whitening solutions. This professional tooth polishing will leave your teeth clean and healthy until your next visit.

All dental services performed by a general dentist.

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