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Emergency Dentist in Fort McMurray

There are times in certain dental situations an individual may require a visit to an Emergency Dentist in Fort McMurray.  Have you lost a tooth or broken a crown and in need of emergency dental care?  Are you heading back to work in a camp and require an immediate appointment before you leave?  Our staff will do its best to accommodate your emergency dental needs in between our regularly scheduled appointments.

If you have a dental emergency in Fort McMurray and you need help fast, Contact Fort McMurray Dental right away. Our trained staff has extensive experience in treating various dental emergencies.




For Emergency Dental Service Call 780-791-5538

What Is Considered a Dental Emergency In Fort McMurray

Call to explain your symptoms to your dentist then take an over-the-counter medicine and put an ice pack against your face to ease your pain.

Most broken teeth can be mended. If the break is small your dentist may use a white filling to fix the problem, but if it is larger a root canal or a crown may be necessary.

When a permanent or adult tooth is knocked out it may be possible to put it back. Within the first 10 minutes it is very likely your tooth will take root again, but if it is after two hours it is very unlikely. Before getting to the dentist, provided your tooth is clean, you can place the tooth back in the socket. If your gums are too swollen, you can put the tooth in a glass of milk to preserve it.

Place a soft piece of sugarless chewing gum on the spot where the filling was lost to protect your tooth on your way to the dentist.

Getting something stuck in your teeth can cause extreme discomfort. Before visiting a dentist you can try using dental floss to remove the object. If this doesn’t work, you can go to your dentist to get the object removed.

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