Root Canals

Root Canals

Root Canals in Fort McMurray

A root canal is a dental treatment that involves the use of removing the inside of a tooth’s pulp. A dentist will then disinfect the inside of the tubes and then fill the entire tooth with a filling solution. The root canal is the area inside of your tooth wear most of the pulp tissue is normally housed. When a cavity becomes extremely severe the entire route of a tooth can actually die off and root canal therapy will be required in order to save the tooth and prolong its life.

If the pulp of the tooth has been potentially exposed allowing extensive damage to the nerves or an infection this can often cause an extensive amount of discomfort. With the use of root canal therapy, it’s possible to remove severe infections and prevent it from spreading into muscle tissues or the jawbone.

Most of the symptoms of an infection that is plaguing the root canal can include:

  • Excessive sensitivity to hot or cold liquids or foods
  • A swelling around the tooth
  • Tooth pain in movement or chewing
  • Tooth pain on airplanes
  • Tooth pain with biting pressure
  • A constant dull toothache in the same region.

In most cases a root canal procedure will take at least one to three office visits. The first visit will involve examining the tooth and booking a time for a doctor to remove the affected tissue, clean the tooth and seal it. In some cases dental composite is not enough to fill out the tooth and there may be a need for a dental crown to be fitted on top of the tooth as well.

Placing a crown on top of the tooth can work to prevent breakage or damage. If a dentist suggests the use of the crown, this can often lead to the third visit. Crown materials are often made of a variety of metals which are designed to resemble the look of a natural tooth perfectly.

After a root canal takes place and the tooth is filled with composite or a crown is filled, a patient can very easily work at taking care of their tooth to make sure that it lasts over a lifetime. By caring for the tooth with regular brushing and flossing it’s possible to keep it from becoming damaged in the future. In some cases dentist may need to refill or repair root canals but as long as regular brushing and flossing occur, a patient to reduce the likelihood of this happening.

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