Soft Tissue Grafting

Soft Tissue Grafting in Fort McMurray

Soft tissue grafting is a process that’s most commonly used to treat and prevent gum recession from occurring. Gum recession is a fairly severe condition that can cause tooth loss, exposed root structures and more. With the help of soft tissue grafting, it is possible to place healthy material over an exposed root structure to ensure recession can be treated. Understanding this dental restoration as well as the timeline involved can help to prevent the chance that a gumline can be worsened.

Soft tissue grafting can provide support for periodontal disease, severe crowding, over brushing, gumline fillings and crowns, or tooth positioning, trauma and several types of diseases that can cause gum recession.

When the roots to teeth start to become exposed it can be extremely difficult to start eating cold foods and hot foods. The aesthetic appearance of the smile begins to be altered and decay is also much more prevalent. Soft tissue grafting can work to reduce the exposed roots inside the mouth as well as improve the thickness of the gum tissue to prevent the future of tissue loss.

What are the advantages:

  • Improving aesthetics
  • Improving gum health
  • Increasing comfort

The three different types of soft tissue grafts are:

Pedicle Graft

This is a type of graph that shares soft tissue between the affected site and the healthy gum next to it. This involves sectioning a flap of tissue from healthy gums while retaining its blood supply and nutrients, and moving it sideways and cover over a damaged root. This type of soft tissue graft often produces wonderful results as the blood vessels and tissue are retained in their original condition. As soon as tissues are fixed in place healing begins immediately.

Gingival graft

Strips of tissue can be removed from the roof of a patient’s mouth and then stitched onto the grafting side to promote a more natural growth. This is the type of graph that is more commonly used for thickening up existing tissue. This type of procedure is usually used in children or in frenotomy procedures.

Connective tissue

A connective tissue graft is designed for adults and most situations where comfort and aesthetics are some of the main concerns for the graft. A very thin connective tissue or pouch is removed from a healthy spot in the mouth and secured over an area of exposed roots. Dermal matrix material can also be used in the same way and this can produce a natural soft tissue graft that encourages gum healing.

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